Final Video Project

For this video remix I wanted to try and create an experimental video edit. I wanted to try not to worry too much about the aesthetics of the film, but to create a kind of surrealist piece of video art. Along the way the video began to take shape as a kind of nightmarish montage, so I went with it and allowed this to happen somewhat.

1. I began by attaching my GoPro to a frisbee and also to a football with duct tape. My plan was to film the frisbee and the football spinning/sailing through the air and use that as my raw footage for the experimental video remix edit.

taping up the football taping up the GoProGoPro Frisbee football with GoPro on it

2. This is a sample of what the raw footage looked like.

3. I then began importing/sorting the footage


4. The green thumbnails are the GoPro/football clips and the purpley pink thumbnails are the GoPro/frisbee clips.


5. I then mixed up the frisbee and football footage throughout so that it was more random. I also tried to vary the length of the clips, with clips of longer and shorter duration mixed throughout.


6. Once this was done and I had achieved my rough timeline, I began adding effects. I experimented a lot. I mucked around with basically every video effect available in Premier Pro and layered numerous effects over each other on some of the GoPro clips.

7. After I had finished adding the effects I watched what I had made. I then coloured all of the clips that I thought were not interesting/effected enough blue, and went back over those clips with further effects.


8. After I had finished effecting the blue clips, I moved all of my clips into one video channel.


This is a list of clip numbers/effects utilised:

  1. Invert (Used Keyframes)
  2. Fast Blur, Mirror (Used Keyframes)
  3. Colour Key, Colour Key
  4. Solarize (Used Keyframes)
  5. Change to Colour
  6. Fast Colour Corrector (Used Keyframes)
  7. Gaussian Blur (Used Keyframes)
  8. Position/Scale, Mirror (Used Keyframes)
  9. Gamma Correction (Used Keyframes)
  10. Turbulent Displace (Used Keyframes)
  11. Position/Scale (Used Keyframes), Mirror (Used Keyframes)
  12. Noise Alpha (Used Keyframes)
  13. Invert, Turbulent Displace
  14. Gamma Correction, Solarize (Used Keyframes)
  15. Ultra Key
  16. Ramp
  17. Emboss
  18. Noise HLS
  19. Time Remapping (Offset)
  20. Solid Composite, Opacity (Used Keyframes)
  21. Change to Colour
  22. Non Red Key
  23. Position, Scale, Brush Strokes
  24. Threshold
  25. Mirror, Mirror, Mirror
  26. Colour Balance RGB (Used Keyframes)
  27. Mirror
  28. Invert Green Channel
  29. Noise
  30. Fast Colour Corrector (removed some green from the Colour wheel)
  31. Position/Scale, Channel Blur
  32. Ultra Key
  33. Solarize (Used Keyframes)
  34. Turbulent Displace
  35. Change to Colour (changed from the grass colour to a pink colour)
  36. Sharpen (a lot)
  37. Position/Scale, Wave Warp
  38. Solarize
  39. Directional Blur (Used Keyframes)
  40. Magnify
  41. Lens Flare
  42. Twirl, Twirl (Used Keyframes)
  43. Invert (red channel)
  44. Mirror, Twirl (Used Keyframes)
  45. Emboss
  46. Mosaic (Used Keyframes)
  47. Turbulent Displace
  48. Spherize, Mirror
  49. Mirror, Mirror (Used Keyframes)
  50. Invert, Mirror
  51. Ultra Key
  52. Position/Scale, Mirror, Convolution Kernel
  53. Echo
  54. Solarize, Mirror (Used Keyframes)

9. I then began making the audio track to accompany the video

I used the voice recorded in my phone to record a bunch of sounds from around my house, these included:

  • A squeaking door
  • A spinning skateboard wheel
  • Tapping the body of a ukulele with a finger
  • A squeaking window being opened
  • A dumbbell bar nut being screwed on
  • A dumbbell rack being flicked
  • A wind chime
  • My own voice making a low hummmm
  • My own voice making breathing noises
  • Flicking a stanley knife blade
  • The electronic humm of an automatic Nerf Gun being turned on
  • Several medals jingling against one-another
  • A curtain being opened
  • Several screws being dropped

10. I then began to alter and edit these sounds as much as I could

I found that the most interesting, and also the most “nightmarish”, sounds were created by the following:

  • The dumbbell bar nut being screwed on (its hollow metallic sound was scary)
  • The squeaking door (slowed down and reversed made it quite demonic)
  • My voice humming (reversed and slowed down)
  • My voice breathing (also reversed and slowed)
  • The skateboard wheel spinning (slowed down a lot)
  • The squeaking window (reversed it sounded AMAZING, the wooden squeak is really piercing and scary)

I also used the other sounds in my first list

11. This is what my finished sound looked like

Screen shot 2015-10-16 at 8.11.47 PM

  • The top track was the dumbbell bar nut being screwed on (in reverse etc) and also the squeaking window edited audio
  • The second track has the Nerf Gun being turned on in the middle of it, and a few various other audio clips
  • The third track has my voice in it as well as the skateboard wheel sound and the door squeak
  • The bottom track has a variety of all the other tracks

12. I then imported the audio into Premier Pro to begin the completion of my experimental edit


I also added a few cross dissolves and retimed a few of the shorter clips to make them longer

Here is my finished video remix

I am quite happy with how it has come out, it certainly has a demonic nightmare feel to it. I am especially happy with the way that the audio and video compliment each other towards the end of clip.



Video Remix Assessment

For my video remix I used the following videos:

Cloud time lapse

Jellyfish green screen

Psychedelic green screen

Eyeball green screen

Clock time lapse


Spinner firework

Black hole green screen

The Video/Effect Process:

For the jellyfish, cloud time-lapse and psychedelic section I played around with the Solarize, Brush Strokes, Alpha glow and Directional Glow effects. As well as using the Ultra Key to make the green backgrounds transparent.



For the Eyeball section I played around with the Position, Opacity and Scale effect controls, using key frames to make it sit where I wanted in the screen, as well as have the effects slowly alter and occur while the video was playing.


I also experimented with the Strobe light and Solarize effects.


As well as using the Ultra Key effect to make the green background transparent.


For the clock time-lapse I used the Threshold and Fast Blur effects, using Key frames to make the effects slowly altering throughout the video playing.


For the Whirlpool video I used the Position and Scale adjustments, again I used Key frames to make the effects scaling throughout.


I also used the Emboss effect to make the water look like concrete.


I also used key frames in Brush Strokes and Color Emboss effects to make the video slowly alter into the brush strokes mode.


I reversed the frames in the Firework video so that the flames grew as opposed to dissipated.


I also played with the Opacity and Solarize effects via the use of keyframes. This allowed for a gradually Solarizing video, which I thought looked quite interesting.


For the Black Hole video effect I used the Opacity effect via keyframes so that it slowly appeared.


I used the Ultra Key effect to make the green background transparent as well as the Change to Color effect to make the color of the Black Hole match the finishing color of the Solarized Firework video.


For the remixed audio I used the following clips:

Heavy Breathing

Magpie Singing

Prehistoric Bird Sound Effect

Wind Chime Sound Effect

Breaking Glass Sound Effect

Dog Barking Sound Effect

The Audio Process:

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 6.59.43 PM

For the Heavy Breathing sound I re-timed/stretched it a lot. I also used the Envelope tool a lot on the re-timed sound sample.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.00.29 PM

For the Magpie Singing sound I compressed it into a very short space to make it almost unrecognisable. I also cut it up and repeated it a few times. I also used the Envelope tool on the sound sample.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.01.29 PM

For the Prehistoric Bird sound I stretched it out a lot, this made it a low rumble like sound, almost like an aeroplanes engine rumbling.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.02.07 PM

For the Wind Chime sound I compressed/made it a lot shorter, as well as used the Envelope tool.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.02.46 PM

For the Breaking Glass sound I stretched it out a lot to make it a warped kind of sound.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.03.31 PM

For the Angry Dog Bark sound I slowed down a single particular bark and repeated it a few times. I also used the Envelope tool a lot of this sound sample.

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 7.04.57 PM

Here is a screenshot of the finished sound edit. The end result is like some kind of surreal nightmare soundscape, which I think works quite well with the accompanying video.

Here is the finished Video with the Audio:


Video Remix # 2

For my second video remix I was greatly inspired by this video:

I really wanted to create a similar trailer where the genre is changed from one of my all-time favourite movies ‘Jurassic Park’.

The first thing I did was watch ‘Jurassic Park’ several times, making notes of certain parts I could use in the remixed trailer.

I then found this song:

I started experimenting with cutting and rearranging the small sections of usable film footage until I could think of a way that would make sense with a voice over the top of it.

There were some sections of the movie that I had to zoom-in on and crop to get the desired effect across. For example in this clip I had to zoom in and crop the third person (the young boy Tim) out of the picture:

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 11.24.56 AM

I also had to play some footage slower than other segments, to make the more touching sections longer and therefore fit the remixed trailer’s genre I was creating.

I also added this introductory green “The following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences”:

as well as the “In Cinemas 2016” title.

Finally, I recorded the voice-over and added it my edit.

This is the finished video:


Video Remix # 1

For my first video remix I wanted to attempt to adapt scenes from the trailer for the film ‘American Sniper’ so as to make it a comedy.

This is the original trailer:

What I really wanted to do was incorporate ‘Joffa’ who is one of the most hated men in AFL culture. The head of the Collingwood football club cheer squad is despised by thousands; even I don’t like him and I actually barrack for Collingwood. I managed to find a good enough video of ‘Joffa’ from a highlights video:

The section of the video that I wanted to use was from 3:45 – 4:06. If you watch this section you will see that the camera zooms away from ‘Joffa’, not towards him like a sniper would zoom-in on his target. I simply reversed the frames on this footage to make it appear like the sniper was zooming in instead of out.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 10.45.16 AM

Once this was done I placed this video over the top of the ‘Joffa’ video:

and used the Ultra Key effect on the video to get rid of the green and make the video transparent. This is as simple as using the eye dropper tool on the green part of the sniper video.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 10.48.59 AM

Once this was completed I created a background sound track using an excerpt from the football highlights video where there was no commentary and only the crowd noise could be heard. I looped this crowd sound for the entirety of my remixed video.

Finally, I recorded my own voice in time with the sniper’s lips to make him have an Australian accent and say things appropriate to someone assassinating ‘Joffa’.

I also added a closing title of “The Bogan Sniper” over the closing part of the original trailer that orignally said “American Sniper”.

This is the finished video:


Sound Edit # 3

This edit took me by far the longest of the three. I really wanted my final mashup to be the best. I also wanted it to be a three-way mashup instead of the standard two-way.

I started with this instrumental version of one of my favourite 90’s dance songs:

and also the acapella version of another two of my favourite classic dance songs:

I really wanted this mashup to have 3 sections. 1st section predominantly one acapella over the instrumental version of ‘Lady (hear me tonight)’, then the 2nd section would be predominantly the other acapella over the instrumental version of ‘Lady (hear me tonight)’. I wanted the final section to be a crescendo of sorts, with the first two sections merged together.

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 10.36.29 PM

The middle segment is the instrumental version of the Modjo song; as you can see, I looped the section from approximately 0:48 to 1:18 six times. I did this so that the background track would be consistent throughout the whole song, so that I could add samples/loops from the acapellas and they would work better with the song.

The top section is the acapella version of ‘Music sounds better with you’ by Stardust.

The bottom section is the acapella version of ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi.

If you look you can see that approximately the first third of the song is the Modjo song with ‘Music sounds better with you’ as the main focus, with the voice saying “push” from the ‘Satisfaction’ acapella as the secondary focus. The second third is the ‘Satisfaction’ acapella taking main focus alongside the Modjo song, with a small amount of emphasis given to ‘Music sounds better with you’ towards the end of that second third. The final third gives an almost equal amount of emphasis to all three tracks, in a kind of mashup climax.

This is the final song:


Sound Edit # 2

For this edit I wanted to try to mash-up two of my girlfriend’s favourite classic songs; ‘Cry me a river’ by Justin Timberlake and ‘Lose yourself’ by Eminem. I did this mash-up in a very similar way to the first remixed sound. I found an instrumental version of ‘Cry me a river’:

I also used the original version:

I edited the two together so that the chorus of ‘Cry me a river’ remained but the verses were covered by the instrumental version.

I then found an acapella version of lose yourself:

and layered it over the instrumental verse sections.

I also found this website

Which helped me learn the BPM of ‘Lose yourself’ and also ‘Cry me a river’. Using the Effect>Change Tempo I could match the ‘Lose yourself’ BPM to that of ‘Cry me a river’.

Once this was done it wasn’t too difficult to line up the rap to fit the tempo and beat of ‘Cry me a river’.

This screenshot shows my edit quite well. The top track is the original ‘Cry me a river’, the second track is the instrumental version and the bottom track is the ‘Lose yourself’ acapella. I had a similar problem with this track as with remix sound number 1, where the rap still didn’t quite line up with rhythm of the backing song. I had to do the same thing as with the first song, where I manually altered the breaths/breaks in the rap to be either bigger or smaller in his rap to make it match the tempo.

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 9.58.11 PM

This is the finished song. Please skip to 1:00 (I had to put one minute of white noise into the start of the song to sneak it past the copyright algorithm)


Sound Edit # 1

For my first mash-up/sound edit I wanted to incorporate the intro theme song of the 90’s show ‘Rugrats’ as a sample. With some kind of rap over the top.

I found this high quality version of the intro:

I cut the first 2 seconds from the start and repaired the final part of the first section to have a cleaner ending (seconds 12-13 the glitchy sounds start. I cut those sounds out and replaced them with the cleaner sections of the  final note of the section from about 1 second earlier). Once I had made this loop as good as I could, I began searching for a rap acapella to place over the top. I found one fairly easily, simply by searching for an acapella by my favourite hip hop artist ‘The Notorious B.I.G’. I decided on the acapella of his song ‘Juicy’.

Here is the original version of ‘Juicy’:

Here is the acapella version:

I also wanted to make some kind of chorus for in between the rap sections. I wanted this ‘chorus’ to be derived from the rugrats television show. I found two samples to use. I used this scream from Chuckie:

And I also used Tommy saying “wow Chuckie” from this video:

This is a screenshot before I added the ‘chorus’ sample:

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 9.03.31 PM 1

This is a screenshot from after I added the ‘chorus’:

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 9.08.44 PM

The final stage of making the song was using the retiming tool on the rap so that it fit the ‘Rugrats’ sample (Effect>Change Speed). I did this by 5 or 10 percent the first few times, then 1 percent for the last few to get the timing as close as possible. However, no matter how minutely I changed the speed I could not quite get the timing perfect. I got around this by manually adding or removing small gaps in the rap every time he took a breath. This was a time consuming process, but it was the only way to line up the rap’s timing adequately.

This is the finished song: