Remixed Image # 3

The idea for this image actually started when I was watching a compilation of late 90’s/early 00’s kids cartoons on youtube. I began to ponder how sinister I could make the innocent Teletubbies appear.



1) This is the image I started with.


2) I began by enlarging the red Teletubby’s eyes using the polygon select tool and free-transform. I also used the clone stamp tool to give the yellow and red Teletubbies shocked eyebrows. I also flipped the yellow Tellytubby’s mouth using the polygon selection and free-transform. I did this in the hope that it would not be a smile but an open mouth of surprise or shock.


3) I did same eyebrows and mouth edits to the other two Tellytubbies.


4) I found a bomb vest for the red Tellytubby


5) And another for the yellow Tellytubby.


6) A grenade for the purple Tellytubby.


7) And an AK47 for the green Tellytubby.


8) I removed the background using the magic eraser tool.


9) I did the same for the other bomb vest.


10) I also removed the background of the grenade picture.


11) As well as the AK47 background.


12) I then copied and pasted the bomb vests onto the two smallest Tellytubbies. I also used the clone stamp tool to make sure that the shoulder straps lined up properly.


13) I placed the grenade into the purple Tellytubby’s hand, and the pin in his other hand. I also placed the AK47 into the green Tellytubby’s hands and erased the parts of his hand that were overlapping.


14) I found a nice Tellytubbies logo.


15) I removed the outside of the logo so it would paste into my picture nicely.


16) I copied and pasted the logo into the top of my picture.


17) I removed the yellow dot that was part of the logo because it didn’t fit the picture very well. I also used a bubble font that I downloaded to create some more text.

The Teletubbies Movie ISIS i-spy

This is the final picture. I am very happy with how it came out. The expressions on the purple and yellow Teletubbies work particularly well in my opinion.


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