Sound Edit # 2

For this edit I wanted to try to mash-up two of my girlfriend’s favourite classic songs; ‘Cry me a river’ by Justin Timberlake and ‘Lose yourself’ by Eminem. I did this mash-up in a very similar way to the first remixed sound. I found an instrumental version of ‘Cry me a river’:

I also used the original version:

I edited the two together so that the chorus of ‘Cry me a river’ remained but the verses were covered by the instrumental version.

I then found an acapella version of lose yourself:

and layered it over the instrumental verse sections.

I also found this website

Which helped me learn the BPM of ‘Lose yourself’ and also ‘Cry me a river’. Using the Effect>Change Tempo I could match the ‘Lose yourself’ BPM to that of ‘Cry me a river’.

Once this was done it wasn’t too difficult to line up the rap to fit the tempo and beat of ‘Cry me a river’.

This screenshot shows my edit quite well. The top track is the original ‘Cry me a river’, the second track is the instrumental version and the bottom track is the ‘Lose yourself’ acapella. I had a similar problem with this track as with remix sound number 1, where the rap still didn’t quite line up with rhythm of the backing song. I had to do the same thing as with the first song, where I manually altered the breaths/breaks in the rap to be either bigger or smaller in his rap to make it match the tempo.

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 9.58.11 PM

This is the finished song. Please skip to 1:00 (I had to put one minute of white noise into the start of the song to sneak it past the copyright algorithm)


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