Sound Edit # 3

This edit took me by far the longest of the three. I really wanted my final mashup to be the best. I also wanted it to be a three-way mashup instead of the standard two-way.

I started with this instrumental version of one of my favourite 90’s dance songs:

and also the acapella version of another two of my favourite classic dance songs:

I really wanted this mashup to have 3 sections. 1st section predominantly one acapella over the instrumental version of ‘Lady (hear me tonight)’, then the 2nd section would be predominantly the other acapella over the instrumental version of ‘Lady (hear me tonight)’. I wanted the final section to be a crescendo of sorts, with the first two sections merged together.

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 10.36.29 PM

The middle segment is the instrumental version of the Modjo song; as you can see, I looped the section from approximately 0:48 to 1:18 six times. I did this so that the background track would be consistent throughout the whole song, so that I could add samples/loops from the acapellas and they would work better with the song.

The top section is the acapella version of ‘Music sounds better with you’ by Stardust.

The bottom section is the acapella version of ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi.

If you look you can see that approximately the first third of the song is the Modjo song with ‘Music sounds better with you’ as the main focus, with the voice saying “push” from the ‘Satisfaction’ acapella as the secondary focus. The second third is the ‘Satisfaction’ acapella taking main focus alongside the Modjo song, with a small amount of emphasis given to ‘Music sounds better with you’ towards the end of that second third. The final third gives an almost equal amount of emphasis to all three tracks, in a kind of mashup climax.

This is the final song:


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